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Dimensions (mm)


Heating capacity (W)



stainless steel

Maximum working temperature


Warranty period (years)


Following the world-wide trends in bathroom interior design, we present You an electric towel rail in polished chrome finishing with mirror effect. Perfect design decision for the customers who are totally in love with the cold shades of chrome and concise shapes of metal. The perfectly mirrored surface of the device and its pleasant velvet chrome hue will emphasize the luxurious atmosphere of the bathroom. 

This electric towel rail has a flexible dry heating cable inside. It does not need any additional liquids, it is only worth connecting it to the electricity and it works! Heat up to maximum temperature in a few minutes. It is extremely convenient when You want to dry the laundry quickly or heat Your towel for comfortable wrapping after leaving the bath.

The electric towel rail can be connected to the electrical outlet on the right side only.

It is energy-efficient and cost-effective. The upper temperature limit is 65°C, making these devices completely safe for kids or pets, because they will not cause any harm if they accidentally come into contact with them.

There are no regulator of temperature, only switch on/off on the plug. 

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