About us

Elna-Service is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine, engaged in the development, implementation and production of the high quality electric and hydronic heaters for more than a quarter of a century. We cooperate with the leading companies in Ukraine and Europe, thereby solving urgent requests of thousands of users around the world. For a long time this company was regularly included in the TOP of the manufacturers of electric appliances in Ukraine. In Europe, Elna-Service is exclusively presented by the MAX Sp. z o.o., VAT nr. PL7011093977, based in Fr. Dmochowskiego 4/2, 00-427 Warsaw, Poland.

Why the electric towel warmers are the best decision for Your bathroom?

All of our electric warmers and racks can be connected to the electrical outlet on the left or right side both. You have a possibility to connect the electrical cord with the device on the left or right side to choose from, depending on the location of the outlet in Your bathroom. Therefore, the electric cord can be attached to the kit separately, thereby optimizing the convenience of connecting the towel warmer to the mains.

Moreover, we provided for a concealed installation which makes it possible to hide the power cord for more appealing visual solutions and safety in use. Therefore, the installation will look minimalistic and modern and it will totally safe for use.

Our products are made of high grade stainless steel or low carbon steel and have flexible dry heating cable inside. This modern technology allows fast warming to a temperature in the range of about 45°C to about 65°C for a few minutes. electrical towel warmers are fitted with a temperature control with three types of conditions. The upper temperature limit is 65°C, making these devices completely safe for kids or pets, because they will not cause any harm if they accidentally come into contact with them.